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An eScooter manufactured in 2018 by the Hover-1 company.

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My scooter display turns on but scooter doesn't run

Scooter display turns on but will not run when I try to kick start

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The scooter is on but dont run. In some moment show a message E2 on the display and make a beep sound for a long time.


Mine too exactly


Wat does e2 mean minds did it to


How do I fix the E2 error code


Good afternoon. I would like to ask for some help with my Hoover-1 electric scooter. It suddenly started to have a `jumping/bumping` movement of the front wheel (as if the brakes were always on). The control panel turns on but the scooter doesn`t run. Also, the scooter shuts down after I try to accelerate or brake during movement (no issues with control panel while immobile - brake lights respond appropriately). Any suggestions on how to fix the problem? Is it the motor or a short circuit? Or is the braking system malfunctioning?


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This all I can find now:

Hoover-1 Product Manuals

The Parts and Accessories link at the bottom still works and may be somewhat helpful for some.

Unfortunately the below link doesn't seem to work now (December 2023).

The online version of the manual explains the error codes:

Error E1 - Motor failure, motor needs to be replaced.

Error 2E - Accelerator failure, accelerator needs to be replaced.

Errors 3E - Motor blocking fault, release the accelerator.

Error E4/MOS - Mainboard MOS failure, replace mainboard.

Error E6 - Controller/instrument communication failure, the controller needs replacing.

Error E7 - Battery over-voltage protection, battery needs replacement.

Error E8 - Controller error, controller needs to be replaced.

Error E9 - Brake failure, brake needs to be replaced.

Of course this doesn’t explain everything but at least it is a start.

They do have some troubleshooting and parts on their web site:

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Do you know what error 3 means exactly and how to fix it?


@Jeffrey Moore No I don't know. Have you tried submitting a ticket?


Can anyone help me in replaced the display acceleration and it still showing e6 error can anyone help me please


Hi @krisse, Maybe the wiring if it is not communicating. Check the continuity with a multimeter. Remember Error Codes are simplistic. Not much else I can say.


Good luck to all of you....I have emailed this company three or more times and they are useless. They keep repeating the samething over and over in their response..." It is after the 90 day warranty"...Our issues are with a defect in the braking mechanism that is a manufactured defect, we've had three now bc of the same issue but it was before the 90 days with the other two. Now we are seeing the error code E2 and a long constant beep. My kids take exceptionally good care of their scooter, not a scratch or dent, and the company still lacks to acknowledge any wrong on their part!! Will not ever by their products again.

I also am in the process of researching on how to carry this issue further up the chain above the company so this doesn't happen to others.

If anyone gets anywhere with them, help wise, please let me know how u did it.

Good luck and thank you, Kristen, mom of 3


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I can add the following…

E1 code is either a Hall sensor failure in the motor or it could be like 2 i had here where a wire on the hall sensor connector had come loose..

E5 is the white wire that attaches to the motor and is what i believe to be a temp sensor in the motor… i have had 2 controllers with this error and attached a working controller and the E5 goes away, so my thoughts are that this is a fault in the controller and not the motor after disconnecting the white wire the scooter works as normal… This could lead to a failure in the motor later down the line but if you are stuck and need to get home its a quick fix.

I have also had the E4 error and found that a controller had blown a mosfet, i replaced all the mosfets and the controller works again…

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I have E5 error, unplugged white wire E5 went off but scooter still won't run


I have E3 on my screen of my scooter


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Had this problem and found that the front drive wheel wasn’t bolted down properly and the wheel was loose. To repair, use a hex key and philips screwdriver to remove the cover from both sides of the front wheel and an open ended 18mm box wrench to tighten the nuts back on the wheel.

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I have the same problem and I do what you did but still not working.


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Remove any covers on the forks and check the cable that runs through the axle for damage. People don’t maintain their scooters so don’t check for loose screws and nuts etc. The front axle can turn causing damage to the cable which needs replaced. Also remove the throttle and check a wire hasn’t broken off the hall sensor. If it has you should be able to solder it back on unless a leg has broken off.

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The wire to my hover 1 scooter is loose how do I get into the throttle to wire it back together again

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