There are several types of PowerBook G4 Aluminum models.

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Identifying (and Exchanging?) a Recalled Battery

Just found my old Powerbook G4 Al 12" and 15" batteries as well as some iBook G4 12" batteries. I marked some of them as recalled for later redemption because I didn't have a qualifying laptop at the time I used the web form on Apple's web site. Yes, that was several years ago.

I just called 800-APL-CARE to try to exchange the recalled battery. I reached a point where I had to pay for a one-time Service Agreement to go forward. I hung up the phone.

At this point and at least, I would like to know if the other batteries in my collection have been designated for recall without having to pay for a ($49) Service Agreement. If I can still get a replacement battery at this point, even better, but I'm not expecting it. I have the range of serial numbers that could qualify for recall, but I can't identify which ones are recalled. The old web form asked for one laptop serial number and one to three battery serial numbers and gave me the chance to make arrangements to exchange batteries. That web form's gone.

I have yet to contact anyone at an Apple Store or an Authorized Apple Service Provider.

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Trying to get past the automated system can be trying. What I do is mumble something that it can't understand. It will ask me to repeat it and I do the same thing. The system will then transfer you to a live person who will start the same thing, asked for a serial number and machine. All you have to do is say "Stop, I need to talk to you", or something like that and then you can actually discuss your problem. I've never had the first person I talked to be able to solve the problem so I get bumped up to a supervisor. One time I got bumped up four times till I got to the head. You get real resolutions at that level! Yea, Apple.

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Thanks for the reply, Mayer! If I were to reach a human and just go through the motions (instead of saying "Stoppppp!"), would I run into the same gotta-pay-for-the-service-agreement-thing again?

I also fear one of these recalled batteries will now be deemed fit-for-use when I talk to Apple. The same web form I used to successfully identify a recalled battery would later tell me the serial number was invalid and the battery is not impacted by the recall. I remember calling Apple to be told essentially the same thing. I had a hard time believing that person.

I would like use batteries especially if Coconut battery give me good stats. I may need to just discard and recycle any batteries that fall within the range of serial numbers.

Scary to know the first person has never been able to help, either.

Thanks again for the reply!


Once I've gotten to a real person, I've never had a case where they wanted the front money. These recalls do expire and if you have nothing on record about calling it in you may be out of luck. The G5 iMacs had a recall on the capacitor issue for two years but it's expired and you can't get them to do anything now. But the screens on the 1.83 GHz iMac (2006) recall they will honor. All they can say is No. In my opinion the first people you get are script readers with no power. They're meant to solve the simple stuff and their job is to "Just say No." The next guy up may have used a Mac for a year, he may be able to settle an Nvidia GPU issue as those are easy. The 1.83 screen replacement appears to take a level three guy. I just got a call from an ASP on the machine that I got to the top guy and not only did they replace the screen but also the logic board. He had called them personally, he probably just gave them a blank check as I'm never heard of them replacing the logic board on this issue.


So be persistent, ask for a supervisor if the answer is No. The term "warranty exception", also carries weight and allows them to keep a good customer. Years of Apple product use also carry weight and if your product registrations go back 20 or 30 years, they take care of you.


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