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iPhone 7 dead after lightning port replacement

Hi, it’s me again

After replacing the Dock and fixing the Speaker the dock and device are compleatly dead.

No Power, No Charge, No Recovery and No DFU.

I tried 2 screens, 2 Batterys and A newly bought lightning dock.

Im going to replace it and do some troubleshooting but if it still doesnt work im just going to sell it for around 100€ on eBay and get a Sony Xperia XZ or something.


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So what's your question? Are you looking for help here or just stating facts?


I need help, but it seems like it's the battery. But I would still want to make sure


@refectio Or looking for parts customers


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I would start by testing a bare-bones setup. Start by disconnecting the battery first (always!). Then disconnect the digitizer, LCD, front camera, rear camera and home button extension flex. Now re-connect the battery; you should only have the battery and Lightning Dock flex connected. Connect a known-good, preferably Apple-original Lightning cable to an iTunes enabled computer.

If you have access to a multimeter, you could measure the battery first. If it reads ~3.8V - 4.2V, then it is good. Does iTunes recognize your phone? If so, then you should re-connect one flex at a time until the phone stops working. I would start with the Home button flex first, then add the rear camera, LCD & Digitizer then from camera flex.

If the bare-bones setup does not get recognized by iTunes, then you most likely have a logic board issue. You could send it (or find a local) to a repair shop that specializes in micro-soldering repair.

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you said you replaced battery and screen multiple times, yeah?

when you did the charge port replacement were you properly grounded/esd safe? possible you shorted out the main board with static

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