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Panasonic P55ST60 7 blinks troubleshooting/diagnosis confusion

Recently I went to turn on my Panasonic ST60 and was greeted with a lovely light show of 7 red blinks.

Apparently this indicates SD/SU/SC so I took the back panel off and troubleshooted as follows.

Unplugged SD board, 7 lights still

Unplugged SU board, 7 lights still

Unplugged SC board, now 8 lights

I see 8 lights indicates SS board. Unplug that. 10 lights.

Where does this leave me? A very kind and knowledgeable fellow in Black display. 7 blinks of power red light. said any change from 7 lights after unplugging SC board equals confirmed SC board failure. Do I ignore the 8 and 10 lights and replace SC board?

thank you

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Hi @helpwith ,

Here’s a link to the relevant section in the service manual that describes how to test whether the problem is the SC board or is in the SU or SD boards.

You will need to have the test tool part # TZSC09187 - example only to conduct the test.

The above supplier is shown only to give an idea of what it is and how much it costs. If you decide to get the test tool there are other suppliers online that may suit you better. Just search for TZSC09187 to get results.

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