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Microsoft's third-generation Xbox game console, released November 22, 2013.

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How do you know if the optical disk drive is the same as the motherboa

Say you buy optical disk drive off of Amazon and when you get it has the daughterboard and everything but it’s not the same as the original daughterboard that was in the previous optical disk drive you had in the Xbox. How do you know if the daughterboard and motherboard are the same?

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You mark the drive board as original before changing out the laser. What I would do so desolder the motor cables and transfer the board only if it came as a whole drive.

Otherwise I would do a laser caddy transplant which involves removing the 4 screws that go on the rubber standoffs. To remove the whole laser assembly in one go.

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You need to check the models of the drivee before buying one. There can be several OEM vendors supplying Xbox One disc drives and each vendor may have several models. Drives of different models obviously won’t have the same controller board and will not work.

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