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The fourth-generation RAV4 was released in 2012 for the 2013 model year and was a complete redesign of the RAV4. It is known as the XA40 line.

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Keyfob Repair - Can't find schematic

2016 Toyota Rav4 keyfob failed. Can’t find a schematic. It does transmit, but very brief and weak signal. Capacitor? How do you determine values on micro capacitors on this board?

TRW Automotive, 314.4MHZ Transmitter


Part Number: 226624-101 | 89071-0R040

Interchange Part Number: 1470A-33T

Battery Size: CR2016 (sold separately)


Board Marked: 226673-1 Rev C, Ref: Model: 226624-101, 226624-102

IC: 1470A33T, Canada IC: 1470A-33T

TRW Part No: 226624-101, 226624-102

Toyota Part No: 89071-ORO40, 89071-ORO20

Assembly Number 101 or 102

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Measurements can be done with multimeter, oscilloscope or something like the following tester:

BSIDE ESR02 PRO Transistor Tester SMD Components Checker Mega328 NPN/PNP Diode Resistor Inductor Capacitance ESR Meter

Check Amazon and other fine places for selection of different models, options etc


It's likely bad or weak component and so tester not really helpful unless I know specs. New OEM transmitter is $190 and so I ordered a used OEM for $22 from Ebay as replacement that I can program into the car myself. The new $20 China knockoffs aren't worth a flip (tried that too). Thanks for your input.



So there are no markings on the components then, even with a magnifying glass?

Here's a description of how it operates.

And here's info on the TDA chip

Not as good as a schematic but a start perhaps.


Thanks.... Using 20x jeweler's glasses and don't see any markings on the smaller components.


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I ended up buying the same OEM Keyfob for $20 used on ebay. Will put it into a new case and then cut and program it into the car myself. Saves nearly $400 this way. Cheers…

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Hi there,

I purchased the following key for my 2015 RAV 4 XLE ( for $40, had it cut from my master key for $2 at our local locksmith and bought this OBD Remote Key Programmer ( for $36 to program both the transponder and the remote and it worked like a charm. It literally took me under five minutes to accomplish both. I also used the excellent instructions a successful customer provided within Amazon:

I hope this helps!

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