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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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MacBook Air randomly shuts off. I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING. Badly need help

So last week, I left my 2 year old Macbook Air on sleep mode and when I woke up in the morning, it won’t turn on. It had no water damage, i didn’t drop it either. I was trying to SMC reset the entire day and after a few hours, it eventually turned on. It worked fine for the next few days. Until yesterday, it suddenly turned off while i was in the middle of using it. I tried to turn it on again and it turned off again after a few minutes. At first it would turn off after every 15-45 mins, now it shuts down on start-up. It shuts down both when plugged in or even if it isn’t. I've tried every repair suggested on forums, but none of it has worked. I'd be so grateful if someone can help me

BATTERY HEALTH - I downloaded Coconut Battery to check my battery health. Full charge capacity was still at around 95% and i’m only at around 600 cycle count. Temp is just at 30 degrees celsius, so its not overheating. Battery status is good.

SMC RESET - I did a proper SMC reset. Fully charged it, properly shut it down and did SMC reset at start-up. It would still turn off after every couple of minutes but i continued to use it until it got completely discharged. Then fully charged it again. I followed a forum that suggested this, to complete power cycles. I've completed one power cycle, but the issue still persists and now it just shuts down at the log-in page so i can’t even discharge completely.

PRAM RESET - After SMC reset didn’t work, I tried PRAM reset. After i did this, it started playing the start-up chime again [which stopped happening when i was doing the SMC resets and the random on and off] and it worked fine for about 45 mins then it shut down again.

DISK UTILITY - Did scan, first aid repair, nothing wrong found.

SAFE MODE - Booted in safe and it still shut down after a few minutes.

APPLE HARDWARE TEST - Says no trouble found

I don’t know what else to do. I’m in the middle of writing my thesis so i desperately need my laptop. Id appreciate any help. Also wondering if I should just factory reset my Mac if nothing works? Thanks


I was losing hope today because its been 3 days, so i decided i was gonna try to just factory reset my system. Went to Mac Utilities to erase my disk. It just finished erasing my drive and then it suddenly turned off. When i turned it back on, it goes straight to internet recovery (so i’m assuming the disk erase worked) because the disk is now wiped and there’s no OS to boot from. Now even at internet recovery, usually around the part where i choose a network, IT’S STILL TURNING OFF.

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I have the similar problem with my Macbook Air now.

Did you find out what went wrong on yours?


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Please give us your exact model.

See if it may be a software issue by starting up in Safe Mode. Hold down the Shift key on start up.


To disconnect the battery, just pull the tab as shown in Step # 3 of this guide:

MacBook Air 13" Mid 2013 Battery Replacement

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I have a macbook air 13-inch mid 2013 model (A1377). I tried starting up in safe mode and it still turned off. It still also turns off when i go to Mac utilities. I was losing hope today because its been 3 days, so today i decided i was gonna try to just factory reset my system. I was erasing my disk. It finished erasing my drive and then it suddenly turned off. When i turned it back on, it goes to internet recovery (so im assuming the disk erase worked). Now even at internet recovery, it still turns off.


Go for a spontaneous reboot. Disconnect the mag-safe and battery. Press and hold the power on button for 10 seconds. Reconnect the battery then the mag-safe. If the logic board is good, you should be a spontaneous re-boot.


@mayer Thank you, Mayer. I'll buy a screw driver and try to get the battery out tomorrow. Just a few questions (sorry i'm a total noob here). First, the macbook will still turn on even if i disconnect the battery? Second, if it does turn on like that, that means the logic board is good and its the battery that needs replacing? And if it doesn't turn on after spontaneous reboot, that means my logic board is broken? Thanks a lot


@annebaes see my update on disconnecting the battery. One step at a time, don't get in a diagnostic rush to judgement.


@mayer Hi Mayer. Was finally able to do what you said. So i disconnected the battery, put it back, plugged in the magsafe and it did go into spontaneous re-boot. It went to internet recovery and i was about halfway done when it turned off. So I re-did the steps, it turned on again but re-started halfway and it just kept doing the start-up chime without anything on the screen. So, still turning off.

Also tried turning it on with the battery disconnected but plugged, and it still turned off after a while.

Are any other steps i can do? Or do you i think i definitely have to get it fixed for hardware issues? Thanks a lot man


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