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Installation of backlight sheets for LCD


I know that the bottom-most layer (white, not transparent) can be installed very simply. But the second illuminating layer (Layer 2) should be attached back to back to the origin of light on the bottom of the display assembly. Looks like I should use adhesives to do so. What is the right method of attaching the Layer 2 ?

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Hi Misha,

Layer 2 is a acryl (or acryl-like) layer. The top pushes against the edge of the frame where the LCD rests on. The bottom pushes against the backlight bar.

You can't simply put this layer down and move it into place like all other 4 layers. This acryl panel needs to be bent vertically. I recommend bending, pushing the top edge on the frame and then the bottom edgea gainst the backlight.

Hope that answers your question. But I have a feeling you didn't mean the acryl panel layer although you refered to by mentioning “layer 2” which is the acryl panel.

Edit: No, the second layer (the acryl panel) does not have any adhesive.

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Thank you for sharing the right method. It is very helpful. Yes, I mean the acryl panel layer. But the question was... Do I need any adhesive to attach it? Because cheap Chinese replacement parts on the market usually do not have it. But the original acryl layer does have it - a very thin and narrow strip of transparent adhesive on the bottom edge.


Honestly Misha, I do not remember the acryl panel having any adhesive and I just replaced on 2 hours ago. The first layer is the only layer that has adhesive (and it's on the bottom).


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