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The April 2014 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Air features refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 processors, plus slightly increased battery performance.

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I took it apart and did nothing

I took the cover off and did nothing on the inside. Now when I put the cover on, the screen doesn’t start or anything. I can barely see something but it’s not enough. I have no idea how I damage it or anything. Please help. I don’t want to pay 400 just to change the screen.

Update (10/02/2019)

Block Image


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So this is something that Apple does to screw you over.

When you take the back of the new models off, you actually tear a small cable that runs from the logic board to the plate. That’s apple’s way of seeing if the machine was tampered with by the user.

Unfortunately theres not much you can do. if youre in NY, i would recommend consulting with Louis Rossmann, but im unsure of any good repairmen in your area

EDIT: I have been informed that its just 2017 that does this. My bad. Thanks Tyler!


I don’t think this is it cause my laptop is 2014. It’s not really that newer. And I seen videos of it being taken apart and put together. Also, I called Louis Rossmann’s repair shop and asked for advice. They said that your information is wrong with MacBooks from whatever to 2017 doesn’t have a tampering device.


@tyyoung95 Don't bother, it's just clueless BS :-/


@arbaman Thanks for that bit of info, I thought it was all macbook airs


Yeah i see, a different board. I've uploaded a new image. Look at it above. Don't forget to disconnect the battery first.


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If you see a dimmed out image it’s quite likely a backlight problem, hard it’s a screen issue if that’s the case, most probably a board fault. You mention “when I put the cover on“..does this mean the display brightens up normally without cover ?

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It doesn’t work either way. I know it turns on and see a little bit of light but that’s it, nothing else


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Hello Tyler!

First of all, I would recommend you to try to reset the SMC and NVRAM

If it won’t help try to reconnect the internal battery.

I almost sure you don’t have a multimeter, but for those who does here is the backlight fuse location

Block Image

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I can’t see anything on the screen. And I took the battery out and plugged it back in. Either of these steps work.


@tyyoung95 Computer turns on, but the screen is blank, is it correct? Not enough info, so we can only guess :)

Like @arbaman said, this could be a backlight or no image problem. You can confirm the problem by attaching a flashlight to the apple logo on the back of the display and the light will come through illuminating your screen in the center).

Try to reconnect the display cable to restore display functionality. But be very careful and take your time, it is easy to damage it. If the image won't appear, hardware repair will be nedeed. The reason is that the components could be affected by electrical discharge, when you were working with the device, or maybe you accidentally touched the powered board with a screwdriver and the short circuit happened. The problem may be either the logic board or the display.

To identify which component fails, you must disconnect the internal display cable and without reconnecting it connect your macbook to the external display. Then turn on the macbook, if you will see the image on the external display, it's likely that macbook's display dead (but it's not 100%). And if there is no image - it's the issue with the logic board.


Can u walk me through it step by step.


@tyyoung95 Sure!

You will need thunderbolt to HDMI or VGA adapter and External Display.

1. Deenergize the unit by disconnecting the power adapter, and then the battery.

2. Disconnect the display data cable (steps 19-20) MacBook Air 13" Early 2014 Display Assembly Replacement .To be sure that your disconnected display cable won't contact with the energized logic board, you can wrap it temporary with some masking scotch.

3. Connect the macbook to the external display using the thunderbolt adapter without reconnecting the battery and display cable.

4. Plug in Mag safe to power on the macbook without battery. It must turn on automatically. If there is no problem with the logic board you will be able to see the normal image on the external display.


I actually do have a multimeter


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