Surface book base wont charge screen ( clipboard)

My first gen surface book is having a charging issue. The Screen will charge when i plug it into power supply, so will the base. The base will not pass through charge to the screen and battery 1 ( screen battery) always says in use. Could it be the a battery issue with base as i have already reset windows entirely and the battery drivers

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You have the incorrect device selected on your post, makes it confusing. Anyhow, it could be the battery, although it will always say Battery 1 is in use until Battery 1 is dead. When Battery 1 is drained does the machine just power off or will it switch to Battery 2 then?


When I have the surface book charging with the power supply ( I have tried 3 differnet power supplies ), battery 1 will dispell until it reaches 0 and turns completely off . Then I have to manually release it from the base and charge the screen independently . Also when it's connected to the keyboard all functions as far as as card reader usb track pad and keys work . thank you for the quick message


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