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The Gateway NV55C49u is a laptop released in the 2000’s. It has a 15.6’’ scratch resistant screen, an intel i3 processor, and 1-4GB of memory.

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Do you know how to fix the DC power jack on this laptop?

My laptop’s DC power jack has been damaged and the supporting connections have been broken as well. My power cord was accidentally pulled out of my laptop DC jack port suddenly which cracked my laptop in the corner. So I need to replace my laptop bottom case portion ( maybe top too) but the device jack port connector.

Can you help with the parts to this ?

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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Can you attach an image of the damaged area?


I updated my post with pics showing damage to DC Jack port


@toogud2btrue2011 If you get a chance, send a picture of the board with the cover removed. I'd bet you don't need a new jack, this is likely fixable.

Oh, and next time, make sure to hit the ⤺ Reply button on my comment so I'm notified of your response.


@reedcrosby yeah sorry for late response. But I took apart the laptop. Took pics of DC jack port... the hinge is completely damaged along with the power light sensor. I couldn’t see any external damage to the actual DC Jack port but that doesn’t mean it’s not faulty.

Any thoughts ??


As @oldturkey03 said, it doesn't look like a damaged DC jack. Everything looks fine to me. However, I can see how that damage could come from a ripped DC cord, assuming the laptop took a hard fall during the process.


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toogud2btrue2011  your DC jack does not look damaged at all. Interesting damage to your case based on a ripped out DC cord. Pretty sure something else must have caused this. Disassemble it, replace the . Replace the top case for sure and the damage to the bottom case/hinges is not clearly seen on your images. Use something like this Gateway NV55 Service Manualto disassemble, evaluate and replace the broken parts.

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