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The Acer Aspire R11 R3-131T-C1Z511 is an 11 x 6 inch, lightweight (1.5 kg (3.48 lbs) convertible notebook laptop that is part of the R11 series, manufactured by Acer. Colored in light blue or white, the laptop has a standard keyboard, HD touchscreen display, and a large touchpad.

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Adding a HDD to my laptop.

I have the same laptop (Acer r3 131t) as is shown in your replacement video. I noticed you had attached a hard drive attached to your laptop and I'm noticing you have extra ribbon slot on ur motherboard. I just wanted to know the name of that ribbon attachment and how hard is it to install on your motherboard?

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Is it the eMMC model? Unless you have one of the lazily built ones with a SATA interposer, you need to replace the motherboard to add a normal hard drive. If it’s a Celeron or low end Pentium, I would strongly suspect yours is one of the eMMC variants. The eMMC models are common on the low end and certain stores like Target because people who buy a laptop from Target or Walmart don’t exactly know better and they can sneak these bad designs into these stores. They also love to shovel the models with soldered RAM when they have two different boards in these stores as well. DON’T buy a laptop from a department store or a place like Walmart because that’s where these things always seem to come from.

These laptops shouldn’t exist, but they do so you need to be careful and check the storage. If it’s 32-64GB, it’s almost certainly eMMC. 128-256GB+ is usually a SATA SSD and 500GB+ is a toss up between a spinning drive or a large SSD - usually a hard drive.

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In the guides, I can only see one hard drive. Do you have the link which shows us that he has 2 hard drives?

Anyway, some motherboard (models) has 2 SATA ports in it, which allows to connect 2 hard drives.

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This laptop is my same make model and layout only it has the port on it I went online to buy the part to clip the ribbon that connects to the SATA input on the mobile HDD I purchased. Just wanted to know if the clip can be soldered on and still be able to to function?


Generally when there is no ribbon cable clip on the board it means that the circuitry to control and power that hard drive cable is missing.

Most of the time it will not function with soldering it on.


@benjamen50 Yep. Not only do they get rid of the hardware but they get rid of the AHCI option ROM. It's just another reason to have a problem with eMMC laptops existing. It's not even worth trying since the odds are so low.

The fact you can find them so easily at Target and Walmart is more then enough reason to recommend against getting a laptop there. I have yet to see a HDD variant at Target personally. That said, their HP stock probably uses the lazy implementation since HP does that on the 14-15" eMMC systems and uses a SATA interposer - but I'd still err on the side of caution and go somewhere else. The Acers solder it to the board and require a motherboard to fix this bad design.


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