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The RIDGID R86034 is a Lithium Ion impact driver manufactured by RIDGID in 2012.

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The bit I used is stuck and won’t eject or even pull out.

My drill bit is stuck in my Ridgid R86034 impact driver and won’t eject or pull out even when I pull the sleeve forward.

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Hold the bit with pliers, reverse the gun for couple of times, and then try to pull it out. Might’ve just gotten jammed in the hex a little.

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Spray a bit of WD40 into the bit collet, let it sit for a good hour.

This series uses a ball detent to hold the bit. When you slide the knurled ring down the ball should loose its tension allowing the bit to come out. Rust or debris can jam the ball detent. You could have used the wrong bit too. Once you can pull the ring down grab the bit with some pliers to help pull it out.

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