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Battery drainage due to motherboard issue

My samsung galaxy s8 battery drains very fast,even in idle mode.

Customer care service says,its an issue of motherboard,battery replace will not solve this.

How can i fix or refresh motherboard without repairing it?

NB: phone overheats during charging.

Thanks in advance.

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@jnemon I am not sure who your Customer care service but you do want to start with a new battery first. You cannot proper troubleshoot without doing that. If that does not change anything you will have to troubleshoot the charging circuit. So start with a known-good point like a new battery

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Hi @jnemon

PMIC is a common failure for the Samsung S8 series. The typical failure will eventually result in the phone being completely drained and unable to turn on at all (its a good time for you to check the back-up settings).

Here is the replacement process for this chip:

If you aren’t comfortable with this repair, you can get the logic board replaced through any Samsung Authorized Service Provider. If your phone is still under warranty, there would be no cost associated with the replacement.

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