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21 Eylül 2018'de piyasaya sürüldü. A1921, A2101, A2102, A2104 Modelleri vardır. GSM veya CDMA / eSIM veya nano-SIM / 64, 256, veya 512 GB / Gümüş, Altın, ve Uzay Grisi seçenekleri mevcuttur. ("iPhone 10 S Max." olarak telaffuz edilir)

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Earpiece speaker and sensor assembly


I need to replace my ear speaker and sensor assemblies. I have a damaged ribbon cable attached to the speaker its self. I found what I think is the perfect replacement for me (iPhone XS Max Earpiece Speaker and Sensor Assembly ), but says:

“The Earpiece Speaker and Sensor Assembly is paired to the logic board. This assembly contains the flood illuminator, which is part of the Face ID security feature. Replacing this assembly will not restore Face ID functions.”

Will my FaceID still work with the new assembly? It works perfectly now. Any info or advice? Thanks!

iPhone XS Max Earpiece Speaker and Sensor Assembly Görseli


iPhone XS Max Earpiece Speaker and Sensor Assembly


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Will not work unless you migrate all the chips on the cable over, or find a way to reprogram the chip with data from the original cable.

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So all the new sensor(s) that come on this assembly won't work? The cable comes with all new sensors.

What sensors would need to be swapped?

Is there any solution to getting this fixed? How do you reprogram the chip?

Thanks for your reply!


There are top sensor programmers sold on Chinese websites, however that probably only fixes ALS, not the flood light.

My suggestion is to try to repair the original sensor cable as much as possible.


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