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Freezer not freezing solid, ice pops and veggies are thawing

I have a GE profile performance (SN:RZ211108 MODEL #:TFX26PPDA WW) side by side from 2000ish. The condensor fan and evaporator fan are working and I just cleaned the dirt off the coils underneath in the back. Not enough time has passed for me to know if this fixed the issue, but it seems to not have worked (hour or so after). It was fine since I moved in a month ago, it would super freeze/cool anything. This is all of the sudden.

I also can feel the compressor vibrating so I assume it's running (then again, what do I know). The temperature settings are both on 9 and I might as well mention that there was some water underneath it when I moved it out as well. I'm thinking that maybe there's some frozen coils I can't see or something. *Update* Checked the coils on the inside and there's no frost. Maybe it's a thermostat problem?

Thanks for your help

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Elliot-it takes a warm refrigerator 24-48 hrs. to reach temperature, but you should feel cool air blowing within an hour. If the condenser fan and evaporator fan is on, then the compressor would be running too. If your hearing the really clicking on and then off repeatedly, and the capacitor and relay tests are good, then your compressor is over amping or too hot and would need to be replaced. If the compressor is running, you can feel the vibration, and all fans are on yet it still isn’t cooling, the problem is somewhere in the sealed system. Only a certified refrigeration technician can open the sealed system per the EPA.

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Start Relay

The start relay works in conjunction with the start winding to start the compressor. If the start relay is defective, the compressor may sometimes fail to run or may not run at all. As a result, the refrigerator will not be cold enough. To determine if the start relay is defective, use a multimeter to test it for continuity between the run and start terminal sockets. If the start relay does not have continuity between the run and start terminal sockets, replace it. In addition, if the start relay has a burnt odor, replace it.

Temperature Control Thermostat

The temperature control thermostat directs voltage to the compressor, evaporator fan motor, and condenser fan motor (if applicable). If the temperature control thermostat is not working properly, it may prevent the refrigerant system from running. To determine if the thermostat is defective, rotate the thermostat from the lowest setting to the highest setting and listen for a click. If the thermostat clicks, it is not likely defective. If the thermostat does not click, use a multimeter to test the thermostat for continuity. If the temperature control thermostat does not have continuity at any setting, replace it.

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Thanks for yor answer!

So when I turned the thermostat off and on, I hear the click, so I suppose it's the start relay, which I have yet to check continuity on.

I just wanted to check if there is any other solutions I should keep in mind.

Warm regards.


@ladytech can you help out on this one?


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So I changed out the old start relay and overload protector. How long does it take for the compressor to kick on?

Thank you.

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Elliot, what was the outcome? I apologize for answering your question late, I had Shingles and wasn’t able to read. I’m well now. If you have any questions please ask, I’ll will reply much faster.


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