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A 15.6" NoteBook from Gateway released in 2010.

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Our Gateway NV53A Laptop doesn't power on

My wife had her Gateway laptop for years and in the last 3 plus years I has stopped turning on. It doesn't power on even after I recently purchased a universal laptop charger and tried it at 19v which is the required voltage. I'm thinking the battery may need to be replaced so I may try that next but wondering if anyone else has had a similar issue and if there may be an easier fix.



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Vincent Gnapi a bad battery should not be the issue if you have power coming from your AC adapter. I would definitely go ahead and replace the battery but be prepared to further troubleshoot after. It is possible that this is an issue with the DC in jack. Since the computer has been off for years by now the battery is discharged below it’s threshold to accept a charge. So, first new battery then consider checking the DC in jack to make sure that your computer actually gets power.

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I have this problem, battery red light is on,trying to charge the battery??


@c0jk5k7sj1qywqi how old is the battery? Does it ever charge?


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