Top case to bottom case fastener no longer works

MacBook Pro 17-inch Model A1212


I've not found any questions relating to this problem. The two fastening mechanisms that allow the top case to be held tightly against the bottom case no longer work. One plastic tab is missing from the right hand side fastener. As a result the top case (screen) always flips open. The only solution is to turn the Mac over so that the heaver bottom case keeps the Mac closed. Are there any spare parts for this problem?

Thanks for any advice.


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Thanks for your rapid response Mayer but in fact I was talking about the latch system. I've since found two references to this problem. The first leads you to a very good youTube video for accessing/cleaning the bottom latch but this doesn't apply to me as I've found on looking at the Mac that it's the top latches that are faulty and that there are no spare parts for this problem (maybe on eBay).

Any other suggestions wold be most welcome



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I believe you are talking about the hinges. Here are the parts:

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