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1.7 GHz dual-core Intel Processor (Turbo Boost up to 2.6 GHz) with 3 MB shared L3 cache

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Can I use 5100 Mah battery instead of 4680 Mah battery ..

can i use 5100 Mah battery instead of 4680 Mah battery ..will it be ok to fix in the laptop

my model is mac book a1406 battery and default it has 4680 Mah

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Hi did you make the change? i have the same question but i dont see anyone that made it , did the battery fit in?


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It shouldn’t be a problem, voltage, pins and inside standoffs are just the same. Although I don’t think I ever did it myself, I can’t see any good reason why an 8% capacity difference would be a problem.

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Food for thought!

The myth of the "high capacity" batteries

Evaluating High Capacity Batteries (Part II)

If you are really expecting the larger battery offer more power you'll be surprised! Don't get suckered into paying more.


@danj I didn't believe that the OP was aiming at a "high capacity" battery but rather using the 2013/2017 battery which has a slightly higher capacity than the 2012..we're just talking about a design jump of 54Wh against the 50Wh of 2012.


There is no real difference! Watt Hours (Wh) differences between a 50 Wh battery and a 54 Wh battery is so little you won't really see any real difference in use and is within the manufacturing tolerance (10%).

One could argue one could cherrypick the better batteries to sell at a premium. But are you really getting enough benefit for the price?

The dimensions of the battery is what I would be concerned about making sure the battery is not too large. The needs to be some play within the case so a battery that is a snug fit is not a safe battery!

If the price is the same and the fit is correct then by all means get the higher capacity battery!


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