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Repair guides for a large selection of Sony digital and film cameras.

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Closest listing shown to a DSC H90. Mode Switch Flaky.

I couldn’t find the Sony Cyber Shot DSC-H90 listed, the H55 is similar but not the same. I am hoping this will generate some usable information.

The mode switch is very touchy. Camera changes from widescreen to M, to P, to any other setting without touching the switch.

I don’t know if this part is still available, info on this model seems to be secretive. I think the p/n may be X25836321 but am not sure. I’ve searched the web for hours trying to find info on this. Found that number on a sears site! Sears has closed a lot of stores and sold off some of their lines, not a big fan of them anymore.

Could this possibly be dirt and be resolved by cleaning or is it the wearing out of wipers or contacts? Is this part (apparently the top of the cabinet) unique to this camera only?

Go ahead tell me, I’m used to bad news.

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From what I can see from the service manual, a good cleaning may be all that is needed. There will need to be some dis-assembly however. This is not something that should be done for the first time. The relevant parts are listed below.

A-1861-457-A RL-128 Board complete (Board on the top of the camera that has the “switch” on it.

4-416-599-01 Plate, rotary (This is the part that rotates to make contacts. ie. switch)

I only have a paper copy of the manual with no easy way to upload the relevant pages. There may be a copy online somewhere though. Note: There are specific instructions for proper installation/alignment of the switch that must be followed in the manual as well.

Hope this helps.


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