Skipping or miss fire

Installed new fuel pump and mass airflow sensor and got a miss fire, and after it sat there is no fuel and lines were you check for fuel pressure

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raybornscustomcarpt what is the exact year and model as well as engine size?


2001 GMC Yukon 5.3


At the end of your fuel rail there should be a valve, (may have a black screw cap on it) this is where you check your fuel pressure. Did you clear your codes after you changed your MAF and fuel pump? Hook up an OBD scanner and check your codes, write them all down and either post them here or look them up.


No fuel pressure after changing fuel pump usually means the check valve in the new fuel pump assembly is bad, screw on a fuel pressure gauge and monitor fuel pressure after you turn off the engine and let us know how long you still have fuel pressure or does it bleed down quickly?


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