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Whirlpool fridge and and freezer not cold but all fans are working?

Hello, I have a whirlpool GC5SHEXNB00 2005 side by side Refrigerator.

It has stopped cooling in the fridge and Freezer. I cant check the continuity on the compressor wires but the 2 fans are working good and semi cool air is circulating in both sides. Im not really sure if the compressor is coming on , I dont hear anything but the fans. So embarrassed but the front bottom air flow and coils were solid covered with dust. So I took it outside at this point and had to hose out the whole bottom. There is oil type residue or grease in many areas, the drip pans has a residue as well. I just adopted my grandson and really have no time or money. Funny enough I have another on the side of the house that is broke from only a year old. It is 15 years old now.

Anyway thank you so very much for any help

I am very handy but not with ohm reader and such

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The dirty coils would be the #1 cause. Have you tried it since cleaning? Did you leave it upright when moving it?

Here are the seven possible causes along with how to test and the correct parts for your model:

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