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Repair information and support for speakers designed to be used with a personal computer.

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How cam I make amplifier circuit for homemade speakers?

I have 2 speakers and i want to make external speaker. i have batteries, wires, many more components but i don’t know how the amplifier circuit works and how to assembly it.

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Hi @mamoth42

Ahhh you had reminded me of my school life…. doing this on a breadboard for testing and moving forward to veroboard

What speakers are you using? 8 Omhs??

In general, if you have some electronics background, you can look for ST TDA series amplifier chips

  1. There are some electronics hobby shop which is selling those pre packed kits, but it might not be as good, but you can built and assemble, mostly they will provide the pcb, just follow the package instruction to do it.
  2. Get everything yourself from scratch from electronics shop, etc - will take time and cost, but you can learn alot from there.
  3. get prebuilt from aliexpress / ebay, etc


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