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The April 2014 update of the 11" MacBook Air packs refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 Haswell processors and slightly increased battery performance.

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No boot on battery power - 820-3435-B

Hi guys,

So I picked up a cheap MacBook Air 2014 (820-3435-B) which had a puff of smoke out of the back when being used.

Apple store said to the guy it was “a blown transistor”.

I opened it up and could see one of the capacitors was damaged (C7140) and crumbling. I replaced it which was a feat for me! Plugged in and it turned on, there isn’t an SSD so I got a flashing folder which I was really happy with!

However, I’ve now realised it doesn’t boot on battery power. Where do I go from here? I checked R7006 which was fine from what I could tell.

I am installing Catalina tomorrow so I will be able to tell if the battery is recognised and if charge is shown.

Feeling deflated after what I thought was a great success!


Entered the following in Terminal “pmset -g batt”

Now drawing from ‘AC Power’

-InternalBattery-0 (id=11337827) 0%; AC attached; not charging (Poor/Good)

failure: “Permanent Battery Failure”

Detailed failures: “Externally Indicated Failure” present: true

EDIT 2 - Ran CoconutBattery

Block Image


It was indeed the battery, bought a used one on eBay and it works perfectly

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After you get the OS installed download this app CoconutBattery lets see what it tells us. Post a snapshot of the main window here for us to see Adding images to an existing question


@danj Hi Dan, so I can't install an OS at the moment as the SSD adapter I ordered was wrong! :(

But I am booting from USB and I have updated my post with the error I get in terminal!


Can you install CoconutBattery onto your booting drive. I find that offers more useful information combined. You don't need the full version.


@danj It is a macOS install drive, how can I install it on there? Sorry I am not the most fluent mac user!


Well you can't do it to the bootable OS installer drive, but creating a bootable drive (using the installer to create it) you can then just install it double clicking on the installer file.


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The charging logic on the main logic board has failed. The puff of smoke was likely one of the MOSFET’s burning. You’ll need to inspect your logic board for damage or spillage.

Bu yanıt yardımcı oldu mu?

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Well when I replaced C7141 you could see a mark on the board where it had blew and where it presumably smoked, it wiped off with alcohol but it was the remnants of something that had burned.

Can you advise on where I should be looking in the schematics for the charging section so I can try and do some digging?

Thanks for all of your help! Does it seem like the battery is indeed healthy just not charging?


@danj Just to update you it was indeed the battery and a new one I got used from eBay works perfectly!


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