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Fourth generation wireless keyboard made by Apple. Released in October 2015. Model A1644.

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1 character keystroke presses neighboring letters. EG: "A" inputs "AS"

The keyboard I have is actually slightly different: It’s the A1243, but the magic keyboard was the closest available option.

Even with keycaps off, and on two different computers (one mac and one pc), pressing A yields “AS” and “Q” yields “QW”

Weirdly, “Z” yields “XZ” so backward from the others. And “1” gives me “12”

I’m guessing it’s a hardware things. Short of totally pulling apart the keyboard, is there anything I can do or try?

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Sadly, these keyboards are not easy to open and even still there is little you can do to affect a fix.

Basically, the keyboard is a matrix of lines (X&Y) so the logic scans to see which cross points are shorted when you depress a key. In your case there is corrosion damage on the circuit board.

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Thanks for your answer. Not a fix, but answered the question. Into the trash it goes!


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