electrical connection between the engine and transmission

Drove the expedition some 36 miles Friday night and the car lost contact from the engine to the transmission 3 times.  Almost like its and electrical short.

 #1. Running down highway around 70 mph (with cruise off) when the loss occurred.  Looking at the instrument panel where it tells us what gear it is in, starts flashing then shows 6th, 1st and after a few seconds’ returns to 6th and runs normal.  No check engine light or orange wrench appears.

#2.  At the bottom of a hill (about 35 mph) the car downshifts from 6th to 5th then to 4th and at this time we lose the connection.  Instrument panel showing gears does the same thing as in #1.  After letting off the accelerator for a few seconds everything returns to normal.  No check engine or orange wrench.

 #3.  Making a turn (about 10 mph) I start to accelerate and again we lose the connection.  Let off the accelerator pedal and after a few seconds and the instrument panel doing its thing all returns back to normal.

 In summary it loses the connection between the engine and transmission.  The electrical part of the car searches for a gear until it finds it (about 5-10 sec) then everything runs normal.

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Give a good inspection to the wire harnesses for rubbing against something and shorting out, the problem may be a small rub and difficult to see but look closely at all places where the harness can touch any metal due to vibration.


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