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The Wi-Fi only version of Apple's iPad 6, released in March 2018. Available with 32 and 128 GB storage options. Features a 9.7" Retina display and 64-bit A10 fusion chip.

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Identification of 32 vs 128GB Models?

Is there any way to tell by visual inspection whether you have the 32GB vs 128GB model? I’ve got a surplus one of these without a screen, and am wondering if it’s worth ordering a replacement screen for it or not. I looked up the serial# at Apple Support, no luck there.

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Yeah, was hoping for a way that didn’t involve tearing it all the way down to the iron, but it looks like no dice, huh? As for the size, it’s more that the 32GB can’t really be of much use to us for our organizational needs, while the 128 definitely would be. Thanks for the info!


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I think another way is to open it up and access to the NAND flash

from there you can google the part no for the capacity

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Jared Dunn it would not matter what capacity your iPad is since both have the same LCD and digitizer. So looks like current new replacement price for a 32GB is ~$280 USD and the 128GB ~$380 USD The digitizer and the LCD will cost you around ~$180 USD on iFixit but can be had for 1/2 that cost at other places (most likely lower quality and warranty). So, add that to the cost of your iPad and see if it works out economical. Once you have the display replaced, you can determine the storage etc. via the iOS software. Only other way is the one that @salmonjapan described, by identifying the NAND.

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