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Where can I find replacement/upgrade wifi cards?

I just got this model laptop for free from work as they were going to scrap it, I’ve cleaned it up and installed an SSD in it and it works really well so I’m thinking of giving it to my younger brother for school work and light gaming.

The only problem is, it’s limited to 2.4ghz wifi and it would be really nice if it could utilize 5ghz. I have no experience upgrading wifi cards in laptops, does anyone know what I should research and where I can find an upgrade that will fit?

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Hi @whiskee ,

According to the hardware maintenance manual for the laptop, it has a PCI-e mini card WLAN adapter.

You should be able to install a dual band pcie mini card Wifi +BT adapter - example only. There are a lot of other suppliers with different brands etc

Follow the pre-requisite steps and then the procedure to remove / replace the mini card

The only caveat is that the manual mentions that some models may have 3 antennas and not just the two.

If your model has 3 antennas it would be advisable to find a replacement dual band pci-e mini card that has 3 antenna connections. Multiple antennas i.e. more than one, are used to provide link stability by utilizing spacial diversity and because of the way the antennas may have been routed throughout the laptop using only two of the three available may cause problems such as drop outs etc.

Smarter brains than mine have worked out why 3 would be needed instead of just two if this was the case with your model. ;-)

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Thanks for your help in understanding this, I believe my model is one with 2 antennas but I'll have to double-check when I get home (at work at the time of writing this).


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