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Released March 2017, Identified by model number SM-J727

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Why won't my Samsung SM-767VL charge?

When I plug in my phone to charge the circle with the lightning bolt showing that it's connected to the charger comes up on the screen but there is no battery level number or percentage showing. I have left it plugged in overnight, used different chargers and USB cords, tried different power sources and it still will not charge. If the phone is connecting to the charger why won't the battery take any charge? Noting happened to the phone it wasn't dropped or submerged in any liquid. It just started doing this all of a sudden.

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@michael84 start off by replacing the battery. A bad battery will refuse to take a charge and display the symptoms you are describing. If the new battery will not work you will have to check the usb connectors as well as the charging circuitry of your board etc. So, start with a new battery if nothing else it will provide you with a known-well starting point should further troubleshooting become necessary. Samsung Galaxy J7 Max Battery Replacement

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