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digitizer dont fit or something?

i replaced the digitizer but after I had put him on seems like that is not 100% fit. They also stabbing the rubber a little off. I've tried everything but it does not really work. maybe i need to remove the rubber?

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How can i place a picture here? So you can see what the problem is


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By it not fitting do you mean it doesn't sit flush with the back assembly? Make sure you don't have any stray screws left inside the iPhone. Sometimes they can get stuck to the adhesive on the LCD backplate or inside small gaps in the logic board.

Also depending on who you got the Digitiser Assembly from, sometimes they are manufactured poorly and the glass has not been moulded correctly. If there are no screws stopping the digitiser from sitting and it is the digitiser itself, take a picture of the fault and send it to the manufacturer to organise a refund or replacement part.

Hope this helps :)

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Well if it's sticking up from the rubber, you probably left some of the old adhesive on the chassis. Make sure you clean that plastic chasers off really good. Then use a new adheasive, preferably 3m, but super glue works I guess. The rubber on the chassis is fragile. If it's sticking up or loose, rip the loose part off, better yet, cut it off with a razor blade. Just be careful. Let me know if that doesn't help. A picture of the problem would help me help you a lot more too. :)

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