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The April 2014 update of the 11" MacBook Air packs refreshed dual-core i5 and i7 Haswell processors and slightly increased battery performance.

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data cable doesn't fit replacement trackpad


I purchased what was advertised as a Grade A used OEM trackpad for my 11” Early 2014 MacBook Air. The part number is supposed to be 923-0429, and I assume that it is because it looks just like the photos in the iFixit guide for replacing that part on that machine. However, there is no visible part number that I can see specified on the actual trackpad.

When I went to install the replacement trackpad everything went fine and seemed to fit except that I cannot insert the end of the data cable into the corresponding ZIF connector on the trackpad - the end of the cable is too wide. I then noticed that the ZIF connector on my original trackpad looks different from both the one on the replacement trackpad and the one in the photos in the iFixit replacement guide.

I assume that the keyboard cable is properly connecting into its ZIF connector on the replacement trackpad because I didn’t have any trouble inserting it. But I did not test it because I could not complete the installation without connecting the data cable.

So my questions are:

Has there been a known change to the ZIF connectors on later versions of these trackpads? And if I purchase a replacment data cable from iFixit is it likely to fit both the logic board connector and the replacement trackpad connector?

Thanks and best regards.

Update (01/05/2020)

Okay, here is the final word on this MacBook Air 11" Early 2014 trackpad issue:

The first replacement trackpad I received was the same as the one pictured in the iFixit trackpad replacement tutorial, and its data cable ZIF connector did not fit the data cable coming off of my logic board. The dealer from whom I bought the replacement trackpad looked through their stock of trackpads with the part designation 923-0429 and found that there were two distinctly different trackpads with that part number for the MacBook Air 11" Early 2014. So they sent me one of the ‘other’ ones that had a 20 pin ZIF connector, and it fit my data cable. However, from my attempts to get my 20 pin data cable to fit into the first trackpad with the incorrect smaller ZIF connector, I inadvertantly misaligned one of the outermost contact leads on the end of the cable so that it was shorting against its neighboring contact lead. When I straightened out the misaligned contact lead and then reinserted the cable end into the ZIF connector of the second replacement trackpad with the correct ZIF connector, both the trackpad and the keyboard worked perfectly.

So, ALERT TO ALL OWNERS OF THE MacBook Air 11" Early 2014: if you need to replace your trackpad, make sure you determine in advance whether the data cable that connects your logic board to the trackpad’s ZIF connector has 20 pins or 14 pins. Mine has 20 pins and DOES NOT match the one pictured in the iFixit tutorial.

Here I must give thanks to the people at jkcomputerparts on ebay, because they were the ones who helped me figure everything out and they generously sent me, at no additional charge, a second replacement trackpad, with the correct ZIF connector, and they didn’t even want their first one returned even though I offered to pay for the return shipping. THANK YOU jkcomputerparts!

Finally (and surprisingly/interestingly), the other major problem I was having with getting any Magsafe 2 charger to recharge this machine’s battery seems to have been almost completely resolved. I have no idea whether or not the trackpad affair and its eventual fix has had anything to do with that, but if not, then it sure is a curious coincidence. If you are interested in reading about the history of that problem and its seeming resolution, please look for my question “Not able to charge or run from MagSafe”, originally posted on 06/03/2019. I will be posting an update to it soon.

Thank you to all on iFixit who have responded to my requests for help with these problems.

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While you listed the Touchpad unit's part number 923-0429 the cable its self has a different P/N 923-0011


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If it doesn’t fit, probably seller mixed up trackpads from different years. Older models have cables with fewer pins. Of course trackpads are not cross compatible and there are no adapting cables that can change that.

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Well, it turns out that the correct trackpad for my machine definitely has a 20 pin ZIF connector for the data cable. The seller, from whom I got the one that didn't fit, looked through their stock of trackpads for my model/year/size MBA with part number 923-0429 and found that some had 20 pin connectors and some had 14 pin connectors (as is the one pictured in the iFixIt guide). So he sent me another trackpad with the 20 pin connector and it fits.

But now my problem is that the trackpad and my keyboard only respond when I boot the machine into the Startup Manager or into Diagnostic Mode. In all other situations both the trackpad and keyboard are lifeless. I am able to run the machine from an external USB mouse and keyboard, and have done a pretty comprehensive web search for solutions, but so far I have not found any that fix this problem.

Does anyone here have experience with this that led to a successful outcome?


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