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Released on July 28, 2014, the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini is a cell phone that features an 8 MP rear camera, 720p display, fingerprint scanner, and water resistance. It has a larger display, increased battery life, and an updated camera from its older brother, the Galaxy S5.

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Why isn't my phone turning on

So i have a unused samsung galaxy s 5 mini and i wanted to see if it works (it was unused for about a year), well it didn’t even turn on, so i thought: ok let’s charge it and try agaim later, i put it on the charger the red light signalizing it’s charging was turned on i came back an hour larer and tried to trun it on, but it didn’t work and the red charging light was still on (i tried to take the battery out and i’ve read through a lot of troubleshooting websites and still nothing) . So what’s wrong with it?

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Well, I’m not an expert at phone repairs, but your battery might just be bad. Usually when something doesn’t turn on and you’re not sure what’s wrong, you should first look for bent pins inside the charge port and try a new battery. Since the chargimg symbol appeared, the charge port seems to be fine. Be careful when handling batteries though, they can explode or catch on fire very easily. A new battery for your phone would cost 19.99$ here on ifixit.

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