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The third generation Pixel released by Google in October 2018.

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Why does my pixel 3 phone say slow charging

Why does pixel 3 say slow charging

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No original charger and cable. Once I got my original charger and cable it worked normally saying charging rapidly

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No Original Charger Base

Bad Original Charger Base

Bad Cable


Charging Port can’t Detect Charger

Bad Battery (least likely )

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For those who use pixel 3 and have slow charging problem.

I got the takes me a while to monitor it..

And i found out is due to the heat..

Im not a very tech guy, so im going to explain this in normal manner,

I install an apps called ampere, from there i found out that if the temp of battery ia more then 42deg it will slow down charging process..

Due to the fact that i use a casing on my phone, the heat will not dissipate properly,

In order to counter that, i stick a mount on my casing and place it infront of my table fan during charging

It help bring down the temperature to around 40deg and the power that come into the battery is aroung 2200-2540mah..

I hope this helps, place your phone infront of a fan and it will charge faster

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