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22 Eylül 2017'de satışa sunuldu. Model A1863, A1905 olarak tanımlanıyor. GSM ya da CDMA olarak 64 ya da 256 GB kapasitelerinde, Altın, Gümüş, ve Uzay Grisi renklerinde satılır.

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Charging works, but headphones don't work.

Hi all,

Today suddenly my headphones stopped working. I can charge my phone with the lightning cable. When I plug my headphone to the lightning port, it does not connect to my headphones. There is no sound and also I can not change the volume with the buttons on the headphones.

Dock connector changed two months ago, but after replacement I had no problems with the headphones.

What could be the problem? Thanks!

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You may have a poor quality Lightning Flex and it just took a certain amount of time before it failed. I would try a new replacement flex, preferably one purchased from a quality supplier to see if that solves your problem.

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The phone is fixed. The flex cable was good. I replaced the Audio IC and now is everything fine.


That's interesting, thanks for updating the post. There hasn't been a lot of cases of audio IC issues on the iPhone 8...wonder if this is a one off or the beginning of a trend.


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I’ve been having a similar issue, i just bought new earbuds and they were working for a solid few weeks until they just stopped connecting. My phone charges fine and i thought there was debris in my charging port but i had it cleaned completely and it still won’t work. Sometimes if i go a while without plugging in the earbuds they’ll randomly start working, and i have to unplug and replug the earbuds in order for it to work sometimes.

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