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Repair and disassembly guides for food cooling appliances including refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezers.

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I have lights in GE Profile PFSS6FKXCSS. Neither refrigerator nor free

Refrigerator and freezer are Not running. All food room temp. Water dispenser dispenses water but there is no ice. Dispenser control panel has lights on and I tried adjusting temp, pushed turbo freeze and turbo refrigerate . Now lights flashing blue, showing temps -4 and 37 F. Sears technician came out, opened the fridge and freezer doors and said “ communication problem" maybe a power surge took out the main panel and dispenser panel. Repair about $840.00. Suggested buying new fridge because of old age of appliance. I said that it's only 6 years old and asked about diagnosing the board or other components. I was told nothing could be tested - because the machine to test these things is over $3000.00. I asked how to know that dispenser control is bad and not just the main board. I was told it was just a guess and might not fix the problem. Can someone tell me how to troubleshoot this? I find it hard to pay for a service call, pay 800.00, and wait 2 weeks for a repair- especially after throwing out a few hundred $$ of food.

Thanks for any help.

Update (01/25/2020)

I have a hard time pulling the large appliances out and that's one reason I called Sears. I would have otherwise pulled it out and at least looked at it - pulled up some information on internet and tried to see what might seem to be a visible problem. One of the people who responded said he thought it could be a rebrand Samsung rather than a GE Profile. It has GE logos and Owners manual, but I couldnt find the corresponding GE model # either. I'm going to try getting someone to help me pull it out and will repost. Thank you for responding! dee

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Could you verify the model number as I'm getting no results for the number that you posted?

What happens if you disconnect the power from the fridge for about 10 minutes and then reconnect it, do the lights stop flashing and does the compressor start up?


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D Robie - your display is flashing because it’s alerting you that the tempature is too warm. There is no setting that will help it. It’s flashing the temp it’s set at and if it’s not cooling, turbo cool won’t make a difference. I guess I’m the only tech that tests PCBs anymore. Its the only way to determine if parts like the compressor are getting the proper voltage. There should be a tech sheet in that unit with the wiring diagram explaining what pins on the board to test. The price the sears tech quoted is extremely high. I’d suggest requesting another tech to return and re-diagnose it. I worked for sears for many years and several things he told you are not procedure. His boss needs to know everything he said and did. . I hate to say this but I think your tech was either lazy or has Psychic powers to diagnose a board without putting a meter on it. You have a 30 day warranty on the service call, meaning, you won’t be charged another service call to have another tech out. Request the lead technician.

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D Robie that sad part on this is that I believe every bit of what the tech told you. Nobody checks any PCB anymore and all of them just get replaced. Some are send back for a depot repair, most find their way into the ocean of eWaste. Manual and schematics are copyrighted and the manufacturers do not want the you and I of this world to fix things. I know that none of this is helping your situation any. At this point I would suggest that you post as many pictures as you can of the board(s), location, labels etc. so that we can at least try to get you any help with this. Looks like your GE is not even a GE but a rebranded Samsung. Let’s see if our resident appliance guru @ladytech can get your fridge back on the road.

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I'm going to try to get someone to help me pull fridge out so I can see back and take photos. I'll repost then. Thank you so much for trying to help. dee


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