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Why wont my phone get any reception? its stuck on serching

my phone has had no replacements over its use and all of a sudden the call quality has just gotten worse and worse. now the phone is stuck on searching no matter what I do to it. i have tried using a new sim card as well but that didn’t work either.

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Has the phone ever been badly dropped? Something inside might have damaged the internal antenna.

Go into Settings > General > About and check to see if your phone displays a Modem version and IMEI. If this is missing, it sounds like the device is having issues with baseband. Also check under “Date and Time”, if you can’t turn on automatic time setting, that’s another hint of baseband issues

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hey, thanks for the reply, I have just checked it and made sure it was updated. it has the IMEI and the modem version. I also checked the date and time and it is at the correct date.

its had a few drops in its life but nothing that has broken the screen or made a dent.


@cain Hmm, that is quite strange. Can you still connect to Wi-Fi? If so, it might be an issue with your SIM reader, but I've never heard of those just failing out of nowhere before.

Maaaaybe try a reset? Might just be some glitchy software on the device. Back up all your data to iCloud and give it a reset.


I can connect to WI-FI, I had previously thought it was something to do with the SIM reader. ill try replacing it and see if it helps


@cain Might be worth trying to give the reader's contacts a little clean before you try fitting a new one, if you feel confident about opening up the device. Get some good Isopropyl Alcohol, at least 90% concentration, and use a cotton earbud to give the contacts a clean. Give it an hour to dry and try again.


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Check in the “about” sectionto see if you have imei and modem numbers. If you don’t have those then it is most likely a baseband issue.

you can try and manually set you region day and time also

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