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Clothes dryer repair and support guides.

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Dryer will not work at home, works elsewhere

Hi all,

My dryer stopped working midcycle and will not turn back on. We had bought it used, brought it back from where it was purchased, and it is worked just fine there. When we brought it back home, it still would not work for us.

We changed the outlet (30A 125/250V) as we were not getting the proper voltage reading. We are now getting more power (225 volts.)

We checked the breaker and its getting 125 volts.

What gives? Just trying to look for solutions before we call out an electrician.


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Use a duel breaker that will give you 110 volts on both legs to the dryer.

Give us the make and model number of your breaker box if you want to see that part.

Please post a photo of your wall receptical and the plug end of your dryer.

It would help to know what country you live in (so we know what type of electrical supply you get) and the make and model number of your dryer.

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