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Repair and disassembly guides for GE Microwave ovens.

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Sometimes Display Turns Off When Door is Opened & Keypad Intermittent

My GE JVM1752SP1SS microwave has a few different symptoms, and they are intermittent, making diagnosing difficult.

  1. Sometimes when the door is opened, the display turns off and the inside light turns off. After closing the door, it may take 1 minute or so for the display to turn back on with gibberish that clears up when pressing the Clock button.
  2. If the power is turned off/on at the circuit breaker or at the plug, the display will remain blank for at least 1 minute before displaying gibberish, that clears up when pressing the Clock button.
  3. Sometimes, when the door is closed, the display remains on but none of the buttons on the keypad work, but if I wait about 10 seconds, the keypad will begin to work.
  4. Sometimes, when the door is closed, the display remains on and the keypad will appear to work properly, but the #3 key won’t work for about 10 seconds, and then it will work normally and can be pressed repeatedly without issue.

Most of the time, the microwave operates normally, but sometimes, these behaviors occur.

The symptoms relating to the intermittent keypad behavior began about 6 weeks ago. The display going dark behavior began about 3 weeks ago.

The first symptom seems to indicate a bad door switch, but all 3 switches operate properly, as verified with my digital volt ohm meter.

Please help me to diagnose my microwave so I buy the right part(s) the first time; I don’t want to just fire a parts cannon at it and end up replacing every part and then buy a new appliance.

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Main Control Board

To determine if the control and display board is defective, try pressing each of the buttons on the control panel. If none of the buttons are responding correctly, it is possible that the main control is defective.

Here the part:

Before buying a new one, you can test the cap[aitors with your multimeter. Look for ones that may have leakage or expanded ends.

Here’s a video on replacing it:

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Hi @mayer -

Thank you for your rapid response.

I had a look at the main control board and none of the capacitors were expanded at their tops, and they didn’t appear to have leaked, but they could have dried out. I have a capacitance tester, but don’t have an ESR meter, so in order to properly test a capacitor, at least one leg must be removed from the board. Since I couldn’t afford that much downtime, I bought a new main control board (WB27X11080).

The good news is that after replacing the main control board, the microwave works properly. When plugged in, the display was illuminated within 2 seconds, rather than about 60 seconds. The other symptoms are also gone.

Before plugging the ribbon cable back into the new main control board, I carefully cleaned the contacts on the ribbon cable with a soft eraser.

Now that I have time, I can test each of the capacitors to see if any are out of spec. Perhaps I can repair the main control board and set it aside in case I need another new one in another 8 years.


That's great. It's always nice to hear that your were able to help someone else.


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