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The HTC Vive controller can be identified by its model number: 2PR7100. It is a first generation motion controller released by HTC on April 5th, 2016 as an accessory part of the Vive Virtual Reality set.

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Is there any way I could buy a replacement track pad?

Okay so, I found out specifically that on one of my controllers the haptic feedback and sound is not working. The reason why is because there is a thin ribbon cable that tends to brake inside the controller, as seen here that causes the feedback and sound to not work. I was wondering if anyone knows where I could purchase a replacement trackpad. Please and Thank you.

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The only thing I have found is on ebay, there currently is this listing up for bids and a listing for a lot of 5 that don't click. should be able to harvest the touchpad or repair one.


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Also apparently the steam controller uses a near identical track pad if you can buy a donor steam controller cheaper then a donor vive wand give that a try.

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Unfortunately the trackpad in the controller has a plastic assembly welded to it to turn it into a moveable button so a steam controller would not work.


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