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Released by Microsoft in April 2015, the Lumia 640 XL was the larger version of the 640 windows phone series.

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My Lumia 640 XL can’t connect to a network. Any ideas?

It’s really weird, the phone works perfectly, connects to WiFi and runs as well as it can. The only issue is, when I insert the SIM card, it instantly comes up with an icon showing that it can’t find a network. When going into the SIM settings, it clearly can recognize that it’s an AT&T SIM card, but it can’t find the network. This SIM card works on my iPhone and my Android. I’ve tried other SIM cards in the Lumia and it does the same thing, recognizes the carrier but won’t find a network. Does anyone know what could be causing this?

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Has it worked OK before with that SIM card (or any other card)?

I don’t know the phone but was wondering if there is an antenna problem with the phone.

The phone would recognize the carrier because that information comes from the SIM card so at least it proves that the SIM reader in the phone is alright, to a degree anyway.

I realize that you said that the WiFi works OK but looking at this link it shows that there are two antennae in the phone.

Perhaps both need to be connected and functioning for best connection to mobile phone and WiFi and one may be loose etc.

Worth a look anyway.

Here’s a link to the ifixit Microsoft Lumia 640 XL guides which may be of some help.

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I've seen that manual before, I've opened it up and saw what I think may be an antenna in one of those spots, but there's nothing in the other spot. I haven't been able to find one of the antennas online anywhere which is primarily what I'm looking for


@Cynical Potatoe ,

Is it my imagination or can you also see two orange spots through the small square gaps at the bottom of the middle cover left hand side picture in this link? (click on image to enlarge).

Nothing is visible from the other side so I'm wondering if they are the antennae and they are a part of the middle cover.

If nothing were there why wouldn't it show as black, like the other side?

Could be a picture error of some kind but still it is very strange.


I looked at some more pictures of the middle casing of the phone and they all have that, so those could it. The middle casings seem cheap but I don't know of a safe place to buy them from, any suggestions?


@Cynical Potatoe ,

I don't know.

All I can suggest is to search for 'Lumia 640 XL parts"to find suppliers and then check for reviews on the suppliers and trust your instinct.

e.g. if I buy on Ebay I never buy from a seller with a feedback score of less than 99%+


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