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Safe & effective method of disinfecting hardware (re: Covid-19)?

There are times when one has to work on a computer or hardware that may have come in contact with the Covid-19 virus. Due to the current pandemic, one must take precautions before working on equipment. This is especially true if you do not know precisely where it has been. Given that some screen coatings can be damaged by using certain disinfectant compounds and some physical constructions are prone to damage by cleaning-compound ingress, is there a “best-practises” method for disinfection?

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I now use disposable nitrile gloves, $10 for 200

I open the back and take it outside and blow it all out with an electric air compressor.

I only use a non-ammonia based glass cleaner. Like Sprayway

I also charge for cleaning if it’s bad (I take before and after photos)

On this one last week, I charged $100 just to clean it.

I refused to clean the keyboard and just gave him a new keyboard skin and told him how to clean it himself.

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You have two risks:

  • Breathing it in to your lungs
  • Touching an infected surface and transferring it to one of your eyes, nose or mouth so it gets into your mucus membranes.

You should wear a mask or as they are in short supply now, setup a clean box which you can work in. A simple cardboard box will do thats sizable enough for you to work in front of. Seal the three sides so its air tight, get some plexiglass to fashion a panel to cover two thirds of the front of the open side top area. your hands will enter in the lower third. in the back of the box you’ll want to cut a hole or two to mount fans (i.e. bathroom fan) to suck the air out of the box and then attach a hose that leads outside away from anyone passing it or use a vacuum (which has a HEPA filter).

You don’t really need gloves as long as you don’t touch your face area with your hands. Even with gloves the issue is touching your face still. If you have any open wounds then you need gloves.

I would focus on cleaning down surfaces with a damp cloth with 92% or better isopropyl alcohol. Most of the cheaper ones will leave a film so you’ll want something 85% or better. You can also use anti-virus wipes as well but be careful you don’t use an overly wet one as you don’t want the cleaner (or alcohol) to drip inside through the keyboard, trackpad or via the edges of the display.

Use can’ed air and a soft paint brush to dust out the systems and fans as well.

Of course doing this all in the box.

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