Not turning over after gear arm adjustment.

Hello. I lost my reverse gear so I took out codder pin on the arm that adjusts the gears and adjusted the screw ro allow arm to engage reverse. I fired it back up and reverse worked and neutral was in correct location again. I put the cotter pin back in, put it in neutral and tried to start. I'm just getting a clicking noise. It is in neutral, I sanded the spark plug and I currently jumping it to my truck. I feel it is a safety switch but not sure how to bypass to make sure. Blade is up also. Any suggestions or a diagram to bypass safety switch?

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So my neighbor and I pulled off the engine cover and saw the starter gear was stuck up into the larger engine gear. We sandpapered where the engine makes contact to the other piece whole it turns (sorry the terminology isn't better) and sprayed wd 40 on the starter. Put the cover back on and it fired up.


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