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Model A1136 / 30, 60, or 80 GB hard drive / black or white plastic front

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iPod will not power up or connect to iTunes - gets hot while charging

Hello - my iPod Video 80GB 5.5G has decided it no longer wants to power on…

I have tried a second battery (although it was a 30GB slim battery opposed to the larger 80GB model) this doesn’t resolve the issue though.

This was a known good battery out of another iPod video but a 30GB model.

When connected to a power source the logic board seems to get warm - specifically around the lower right corner of the board if you looked at the face of the iPod.

The unit does not connect to iTunes and the display shows no signs of life.

To rule out any of the “accessories“ being an issue I’ve disconnected the HDD, display, click-wheel and headphone / lock switch ribbon. the iPod logic board still shows no signs of life when connected to iTunes.

I think this is now looking like a board issue but before I go out and spend nearly £50 on a logic board is there anything I can try?

I’m happy to give board level repairs a try - i’ve had some luck performing backlight IC repairs on other iPods but have no information / schematics to go off of on this unit.

Thank you,


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I have managed to resolve this issue now - on closer inspection the issue appeared to be the click-wheel on my iPod.

There were no issues with the click-wheel component but the connector on the logic board. It looked to be slightly corroded possibly from mild water damage.

Cleaning the connector with some IPA has removed the corrosion and the iPod now works! No need for a new logic board.

I think the short in the click-wheel connector must have been preventing the iPod from turning on and causing the other components to get hot.

Anyway - issue now resolved.

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