I can make calls but cannot receive them

So today my mom text me to call her when I had a free minute. I wasn’t doing anything so I called her right then. She informed me that she tried to call me and my grandma answered, she told my grandma sorry and that she meant to call me and hung up. Called my number by typing my number in instead of calling the contact and it said my name on her phone when she called but still my grandma answered. She had my sister try calling me and it went to my grandma’s phone. I was able to call my mom and the call came in to her phone as my contact but whenever anyone calls me, it went to my grandma’s phone. I had my husband try to call me and after a few rings, it was sent to voicemail. Never appeared on my phone. I assume that my grandma didn’t recognize the number and declined the call sending him to voicemail. I went over to my grandma’s house to see what was going on and told my grandfather about this. He tried calling me and again, my grandma answered. I called him and it worked fine but she was receiving all of my calls. I received an email from my doctor the other day saying they tried to call me and was told they have the wrong number. I assumed they had the wrong number and updated my info in person the following day but now I think when they called me, they got through to my grandma. I figured nobody called me for a few days, which wouldn’t be strange as I don’t talk to many people but now I know all of my calls were going to her phone. I looked in my settings and hers and we both have different apple ID account. I do not have cal forwarding on, I only have my phone number under my account, she doesn’t have anything with my number linked to any of her accounts under her settings. She has an iphone XR and I have an 11. We went to verizon since that is both of our carriers and they said it’s an Apple problem. I spent over an hour on the phone with Apple tech support and now instead of going to her phone, when anyone tries to call me it gives them a recording saying try again later, my phone number is not active. My phone is on and working, and I am still able to make outgoing calls, I just cannot receive incoming calls. I did a factory reset on my phone, I’ve played around with all types of settings, turned my phone off and on, turned airplane mode off and on, DND off and on, turned my calls off and on under settings. Nothing will fix this and neither Verizon or Apple have been help. I am 1 week out from giving birth and have lots of important phone calls I am expecting within the next few weeks and really need this fixed. I can’t find any info on this and I have no idea what to do.

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