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16 Eylül 2016'da satışa sunulmuştur. Model 1660, 1778 GSM ya da CDMA olarak 32, 128 ya da 256 GB kapasitelerinde ve Altın Gülü, altın, gümüş, siyah ve simsiyah renklerinde satılır.

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Why does my audio and mic stop working on IG calls?

hello! i’ve had this phone since July 2019 and i’ve always used the video call option on instagram. after about 2-3 hours though, the other people’s audios go out, and i guess my mic goes out too. they can still hear each other, but i can’t hear them and they can’t hear me. it doesn’t come back unless i leave the call then come back. i don’t know if anyone else has even heard of this problem because i couldn’t find anything about it. i was thinking it’s because of my connection but i just wanted to make sure.

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ivy gunter … being that the device and the app can hold these calls for hours, i would say that some setting could be at play here. i would look into your ig settings pertaining to calls and or your phone settings pertaining to auto sleep or weak internet auto off settings…something that would make the phone or app go to sleep or your internet to switch networks or turn off due to sleep. if this was a app/ hardware issue…it would last but a fraction of your claim or not at all even.

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