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A touch-screen laptop manufactured in 2014 by HP.

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Device will not turn on after power outage preexisting battery issue

My laptop has been in need of a replacement battery for a long while to the point where it would immediately shut off if not plugged into a power source. Recently I had a power outage and it was plugged into a powerstrip with surge protection but since the outage it will not power on at all. The light that indicates charging still comes on when it is plugged in and changes color when the power button is pressed but the light on the power button does not turn on and the laptop shows no others signs of functioning when it is pressed. I am hoping that it was just the final staw for the battery and a replacement will be all it needs and I’ve looked up the guide here on how to change out the battery but would there there be anything else I would be able to check easily to rule out other damage?

I had seen a question reply for a different model Envy suggesting to do a power reset, would that be advisable and if so what would the process be for this model as it has a bit more complicated battery setup then the Envy 17 had?

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Hi @bobyer3 ,

Does the powerstrip surge suppressor give an indication that it may have operated in the event of a surge?

Unfortunately a lot of lower end suppressors basically are only a one time sacrificial type suppressor and give no indication that they’re not functioning anymore.

The only way to tell is if there no longer is any power available through the outlet or if there is a warning light indicator saying that it has operated. If there is power available and no warning indication you have no way of knowing if it is still capable of doing its’ job unless you open the powerstrip and they make this deliberately difficult as a safety precaution.

Hopefully your powerstrip is one of the better ones.

As to the power refresh you can only try it and see.

Here’s a link to the ifixit HP Envy x360 15-u473cl Battery Replacement guide which may help. You don’t have to remove the battery only disconnect it.

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Thanks for the quick reply. The powerstrip has a light indicator for surge protection and to show the strip is grounded and both are still lit up after the power had returned. It had not tripped itself onto the off position either.

I removed the battery with no significant change after trying to do a power refresh. I did not see a RTC battery anywhere, the service manual linked is for a different model. Searching a few other help forums I do not think this model has one.


@bobyer3 ,

Sounds like you got a decent surge protector then.

Apologies for the incorrect link.

It is strange that your HP model is one of the few HP PCs I've come across where there is no service manual linked in the "Manuals "section, not even a "generic" one for the model series

You may have to search online for the schematic of the motherboard by using the board number in the search term, and use it to hopefully find out what's wrong.


This one should be close enough:

Note: I have found the Internet a little strange during these Covid-19 days. Searched sopmetimes work and sometimes not


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