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Parallels Switch To Mac Edition Cable w/ Parallels Standard Edition?

I am not sure if this question is permitted as its more related to a hardware/software discussion and question for Intel Based Macs. So I will get on with it.

I have an Intel based Mac Mini and I am running Parallels Version 5 "Switch To Mac". Now the biggest point to understand here is that Parallels has 2 versions. They have the regular Parallels 5 and then there is what they call "Switch To Mac" version. The big difference in Switch to Mac is that it comes with a USB cable that is A type on both sides for transferring an actual image verbatim to a Mac instantly and then your basically done with the exception of minor tweaks and preference changes.

My questions is, does anyone know if and how you can possibly use the transfer cable on a non-Switch to Mac version of Parallels? I did notice that my version has extra software in it that allows you to perform different functions with the cable, but what I am not aware of is if the normal "Parallels 5" supports use of the cable. Without going into too much detail if it can use the Cable this is a major time saver vs. having to have a client (which we do at present) using the standard Parallels 5 that could benefit from a cable transfer vs. having to manually install Windows and all associated software. The cable in some way shape or form also can aid in bypassing possible issues you may otherwise run into if you have to install a virtual machine manually. Long story short its MUCH faster like the difference between night and day.

The question is can you use the USB transfer cable on a version of Parallels 5 that is standard and is NOT "Switch To Mac" Edition?

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Good Question. I'm new to parallels5 so I cant be of any assistance, but I installed windows7 without a hitch. I had driver issues because i didnt follow all the necessary steps but once i figured it out it went smoothly. Installing Windows 7 and creating a costomized virtual machine took less than 20 minutes, and I'm new to Mac OS. If I can do it, so can you.


What type of cable is this? Firewire?


USB A Type on both ends.


Have you contacted the vendor's support and asked them? That should be the first thing you do.


@ rab777hp - Ya know, now that I think of it, I really should contact them. Good point. If anyone else has any other suggestions in the meantime, I am still all ears.


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While reading the massive book AKA User Manual of Parallels 5, I stumbled upon a feature called "Parallels Transporter". It says that this feature allows importation of selected volumes or whole physical machines or any other virtual machine right into Parallels 5, it doesn't say if this feature makes use of this USB cable but I would start there. to access this feature start Parallels, the go to File>Import. Good Luck.

NOTE: It turns out that this feature does make use of this cable and you can transport the physical computer over to the source Mac via USB, FIREWIRE, or NETWORK, which is the fastest.

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nice research +


Oh hey, sorry for the late reply bud. This did work. ;) Answer accepted. :)


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