Ripped a pad where you connect the Motherboard Flex (Wifi)

My son broke the screen on my iPad Pro 9.7” and while fixing the screen I broke the battery connector pins while trying to isolate the battery. I have fixed plenty of screen before on older model iPads and that has never happened to me.

While removing the logic board for inspection of the power connector I tried moving too fast and accidentally ripped off the Motherboard Flex (Wifi) where the top speakers and antennas are connected.

After removing the ripped connector from the board I realized that I ripped one pad from the logic board.

In this image you can see the ripped pad with the GREEN square. Using my multimeter I checked the testing pads on the sides to see if any of those were connected to the ripped pad and you can see both of the BLUE squares beeped when probing with the multimeter.

Block Image

Here is a closer image under the microscope the green line next to the pad is just to show which pad is ripped.

Block Image

My plan is to run a jumper cable from the test pad all the way to the broken pad when soldering the new flex cable but since the pad right next to it has continuity can I just run a short one right across?

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