Obtaining MAC address of network card in recovery mode and no monitor


I’m changing out the NAND chip in a iPad pro and the supplier needs the MAC address of the WiFi and bluetooth to program the new NAND.

Since the iPad only boots in recovery mode and the monitor is broken I can’t obtain it through the UI.

There is a QR code on the on the network card chip and it contains this decimal number: 0122242720936844 which equals to 6F2DD9F5338C in hex notation. Is it possible that this is the MAC address on the WiFi and the bluetooth is just changing the last ‘C’ to a 'D’ (I’ve googled mac address images from iPads and that seems to be the way its done)? Unfortunately when doing a MAC address lookup on that number there is no info and I think a correct MAC address would be assigned to Apple Inc so I’m unsure that this is correct.

If my previous assumption is not correct then is there any software for Windows/Linux that can obain it?

Thanks in advance!

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