iPhone 7 CPU overheats

Hi, I have an iPhone 7 that I am doing some repairs on. It originally had a shorted cap on a display power line. I then got trolled by a batt_swi issue ( replaced Tristar and Tigris, and bypassed the 1.8-2v mosfet ). It’s also worth mentioning that the camera that was working with it previously ( I can’t remember if it took pictures correctly, but the phone booted up fine ) shorted out, so I replaced it. The phone needs the Audio IC repair and has a battery at 80% capacity. Anyway, the main question I have is with overheating. During booting, the CPU/PMIC area on the logic board will become uncomfortably hot, but the heat output seems to correspond with CPU activity ( if I open up YouTube, the CPU hurts to touch, but after closing all apps, it is fine ). The device will occasionally thermal throttle if I do intensive stuff on it. If I run Geekbench 5 on it after playing some games, it will lose about 100 points. The boot current and sleep current are both normal. I know other people have had issues with the 7 overheating, and the 7’s GPU will thermal throttle itself. Given all this, is my phone’s heat an actual issue, a “feature”, or just the silicon lottery?

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